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The Ponderosa Stomp Foundation

Let’s Go Get ‘Em: Uptown Super Sunday Tour

Uptown Super Sunday centers on A.L. Davis Park (also known as Shakespeare Park) in Central City. Mardi Gras Indians are the main attraction, flaunting their suits in the park and along the surrounding parade route. A bandstand also features an array of performers, from gospel to R&B to hip-hop.

Historical sites in the area are just as varied, from Newton’s, a club that played a key role in the development of bounce music (now a tiki bar), to Mason’s Las Vegas Strip, an entertainment complex presenting R&B and modern jazz (now a motel).

The parade goes by two sites of national significance that are in unfortunate states of disrepair: the Dew Drop Inn, an incubator of rhythm and blues that was a major stop on the Chitlin Circuit, and Buddy Bolden’s house, where the “first man of jazz” lived when he was at the height of his power.

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