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The Ponderosa Stomp Foundation

Carnival Time: Mardi Gras Parade Route Tour

Among the underrated pleasures of Mardi Gras are the walks—from parking places, bars, strangers’ houses, barricaded streets, etc.—to the parade route. This tour features sites within a few blocks of St. Charles Avenue, from Napoleon Avenue to Canal Street, for you to check out as you navigate the festivities.

If, as can happen during Carnival, you find yourself walking across the Central Business District, check out our tour of South Rampart Street. It includes a bar where the Zulu parade and Baby Dolls stopped on Mardi Gras Day back in the 1940s. If you get to the French Quarter there’s a tour for that, too, featuring the studio where Professor Longhair and Earl King recorded the Carnival classic “Big Chief.”

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